The Texting Hat-For Text Obsessed

Everyone from toddlers to seniors are walking around staring at their digital devices these days. In this era of handheld computers it’s becoming more apparent that unlimited connectivity also means constant distraction from what is going on around us.

There was once a time when conversation with another human being meant maintaining eye contact and engaging with those around you, but now it is not uncommon to walk into a restaurant and witness an entire family blankly staring at their backlit smartphone screens.

Luckily, for those of us that would rather Tinder than actually carry on a fully engaged conversation with another human being, there is the Texting Hat. The Texting hat has revolutionized the texting game by allowing you to text or surf the web, while still feigning interest in those around you.

If you’re addicted to staring at your screen, than order a Text Hat today and maintain your dignity amongst your peers, family, and coworkers.

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