Check Out My Package- Nike Air Max

Well-designed packaging can take a simple product and make it immaculate, awesome, and inspiring. We love design, when something is beautiful and also functional, it creates a super engaged user experience that is timeless and can often become iconic.

With our new column, Check Out My Package, we will highlight intelligent and inspired branding and packaging from some of our favorite designers and brands. So find inspiration, seek individuality, and most of all don’t be boring.



Nike has long been a leader in innovative design and usually pours over every minute detail from their footwear to their packaging. However, one of the coolest pieces of recent Nike packaging wasn’t a product of Nike’s heavily funded design team, but was actually created by Berlin based creative agency, Scholz & Friends.

Sholz & Friends was inspired by the ionic airbags that have made the Air Max and other Nike Air products so popular, and incorporated that into an innovative and cool packaging concept.

The air box design that the agency created not only compliments the key design elements of the product itself, but also protects the shoes from being damaged while shipping. A key element of design should be problem solving, essentially adding not only aesthetic components, but also improving the function of the packaging, and Sholz & Friends hit a home run with their design.


Packaging design is the often the first way a consumer is going to interact with your product so putting some heart into your product packaging is essential for getting consumers excited.

The next time you are thinking about product or packaging think outside the box (just having pun), and always let your package design be inspired and improve the product you are working with.

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